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RollBack Rx is an powerful PC system and data restore utility that enables home users and IT departments to roll-back PC's to a desired point in time.

By using the RollBack Rx's System Restore feature, a computer system can be restored (rolled back) to a time before certain events occurred. For example, a PC may be restored to a time before a virus attack, specific software installation or easily back out of a botched upgrade...

RollBack Rx delivers a complete System Restore Solution that protects the entire contents of your PC. You can create your own restore points whenever you want to or schedule snapshots to be taken in regular intervals.

Whether you are an administrator, MIS specialist, technology coordinator, secretary, teacher, software tester, librarian, or a novice home user - you can use RollBack Rx to save time, money and PC trouble. RollBack Rx enables users of all skill levels to quickly and easily repair PC issues.

RollBack Rx is a robust PC protection software - delivering powerful Roll Back functions while being very flexible. RollBack Rx eliminates the need for backups or carrying duplicate images of hard drives. Rollback Rx allows users and/or administrators to create a snapshot of the entire system at a specific time. You can take as many snapshots as you would like and you can roll-back and roll-forward from any snapshot at any time...

RollBack Rx is designed to protect both the user and PC from accidental user errors and day-zero attacks. Without restricting the users activities, RollBack Rx will transparently take system snapshots on a schedule that you configure for your system. If a virus, malware or even *BSoD occurs You can restore your system up-to-the-minute of the system crash. With no data loss.

RollBack Rx makes it easier for administrators to accommodate for Windows Critical Updates. No batch files or complicated scripting required. No Folder-based or server exclusions. No unprotected system scheduling or leaving workstations on overnight.
RollBack Rx simplifies the network administrators workload by maintaining all workstations updated immediately with the latest security patches.

Although RollBack Rx can recover from most day-zero attacks; we understand that users want pro-active protection by their anti-virus and anti-spyware applications. RollBack Rx is compatible with all major anti-virus software. RollBack Rx, allows for anti-virus updates to occur with little administrative intervention. With RollBack Rx, there are no specific folder redirection, or scheduling downtime/update times. Simply schedule RollBack Rx to take a system snapshot before or after your scheduled AV updates.

RollBack Rx delivers an additional networking component that allows administrators to configure all of the RollBack Rx client installations over a internet based console. Simplifying the workload of the network administrator while providing all client-based functions on a remote console.
OS: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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RollBack Rx - Standard - Go Back Minutes, Hours, Days even Months... Easily Roll Back PC Problems.
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