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VersionBackup Master is the better backup software for PCs and networks.

Use this professional backup archive manager instead of any simple backup copy program.

Every day, a separate version of the data files will be stored. The management function will keep the backup archive clearly arranged at any time. To restore files or whole directories, you use a special browser, where you simply click on the desired day.

Network Access, external archive media management and data compression are integrated into the backup and recovery process.

Your data will be kept as long as it is desired. This is possible without unreasonable disk space requirements, because only the changed files will be stored.

So, you can easily restore each step of the entire development process on your computer.


- Backup Archive with version management.

- Save you data to a server or to another computer by network.

- Select the file version to be recovered in a special browser.

- You have complete control to your backup stock, including several means of interference.

- Your backups are stored in a way, making it possible to access them even without VersionBackup.

- Incremental Backups: Only the changed files will be copied.

- Additionally: Creation of Full Backups in configurable intervals.

- Data compression.

- Automatic Reconstruction: To recover complete directories, VersionBackup re-assembles the versions from the Incremental Backups and Full Backups.

- Automatic error retry functionality.

- Detailed scheduling.

- Recovery from external media is fully integrated.

- Configurable storage time. Automatic deletion function.

- Clearly arranged user interface. Configuration assisted by wizards.
OS: Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
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