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zTrace offers tracing and recovery services for laptops/PCs when they are stolen. The pre-installed zTrace software package is invisible on a customer's computer. If the computer is stolen, the owner notifies zTrace of that fact by email, fax, web or phone and zTrace turns on its monitoring feature which is 'on the lookout' for the computer. zServer patent pending technology can identify the location from which the connection is made. After the location is known, all relevant info is forwarded to the original owner, the local police station (in the form of a fax), and to a zTrace Recovery Officer who follows up with the police. After the computer is retrieved by the police, it is sent back to the owner. zTrace software may also be downloaded at www.zTrace.com. You may contact zTrace at info@zTrace.com as well as at Toll Free (877) zTrace2.
OS: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000
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