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Unvicrypt is a nice tool which restores your viCrypt files easily. It will attempt to restore back your files with viCrypt extension very fast. It can restore 5 files at a time without any problem and will do it very fast. Enter the 5 filenames in the 5 boxes, you can enter the filenames by typing or by browsing, then click on Unvicrypt viCrypt files, you will see your files normal again. Then again repeat the step for the next 5 files till all your files are recovered. This nice Unvicrypt tool is a powerful one. You will be very happy seeing your files returned back to normal. Unvicrypt is available in trial version, free for download and has limitation to restore 5 files only. You should get a Registration code to Unvicrypt all your files which costs ONLY USD75.00. Language is in english for the moment and we are working on the Russian language for the moment for the Unvicrypt tool.
File Size: 374 kb
OS: Windows XP
Tags: Unvicrypt, vicrypt, vicrypt virus, vicrypt help, vicrypt file, repair vicrypt files, vicrypt decryptor
Software Version: 1.0
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